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These Gold plated crosses Grillz come with a silicone molding bar and a storage box. These Grillz will make your mouth shine and give you the ling you crave.

  • BEST GRILLZ™  Gold Plated Top crosses Grillz
  • [PRE-MADE GRILLZ] FDA approved (21 CFR 175,300)
  • All our grillz are "lead free" "nickle free" and safe to wear.
  • Gold grillz are 14k real gold filled over brass metal
  • 5 minute Quick and easy fitting (No dentist mold needed)
  • Adjustable prongs on back of Grillz for perfect fitting.
  • Designed to fit on most adult teeth.
  • Free high quality storage box Included
  • Perfect for clubbing, photo shoot , and  parties.

^^This is not Real gold or Diamond but it's more than good enough to Show yourself off at parties, video shoots, Movies, clubbings, youtube. The Fact is Nobody can tell the difference between this product and the actual genuine Gold and Diamond. Why Spend more? Further More you can use it again and again , For longevity please store it in the Acrylic Case safely for Next Event. 
Any Problems? We have been in this business for Longer than 20 years Please contact us via email or phone and we'll get back to you shortly. 
^^The instruction booklet is included in the package. We also have instructional videos that will show you in a few easy steps how to fit your Grillz. Please watch the video for the fitting process. (Even if it's not necessary as a matter of fact it's very easy to handle.)  
^^Best Grillz are Made in Korea and are a Registered U.S Brand with a Patent number already in place. It's safe to use and unlike the Cheap Fragile unsafe Non Proven Brand Please Don't be confused. We are the Biggest Best Grillz distributor in U.S and Please Contact us for Special Offer.